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Sen. Allen's thugs assault Mike Stark
And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's descendants, heirs according to promise. Galatians 3:29

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Kirk A. Wilcox

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Kirk Wilcox Downtown
Document: Kirk vs. Hospital Bridgeport

 No One Should Ever Again
Be Left With
An Hour Death Sentence.

We Need A Rescue Plan To Save Lives

A) The FDNY have fire trucks that can go up 10 stories. If we simply take the top of the fire truck and bolt it to the frame on the roof of every skyscraper we would have a helicopter rescue ramp. That could be directed 100ft into the wind, away from most of the fire and smoke coming out of the building.

B) The same way lifejackets are required on boats, harnesses must be required on every floor. Window washer cable hoists must be installed on all 4 sides on every roof. Harnesses would have a short rope with a metal clip that can easily be hooked on to an eyehook on the cable.

C) Phone, write or e-mail Mayor Bloomberg and demand that fire escape plans start immediately. One of the worst things a civilized society can do is leave people with an hour DEATH SENTENCE because basic steps were not done to protect them

D) FDNY needs helicopters that can rescue people in giant baskets as depicted in the visualization picture here.

 " This man is 35 years old; he is married with children. He is a lawyer rapidly working his way up a prestigious Law Firm making several hundred thousand a year. He is an athlete and his doctor has just given him a clean bill of heath. He has a deadly problem he doesn't even know about. Well, you see it's this woman that works 13 floors below. She has this huge psychopathic husband that has beaten her for years. He is an airline pilot and she has just left him and filed for divorce seeking everything. When this lawyer and the other members of the firm find out about their deadly problem they will have 57 minutes to say goodbye to their families before they are crushed or burned to death."


Joel Steinberg gets free money thanks to the Daily News and MICHAEL DALY.

See: Kirk' Wilcox's Latest Flyer Feb 2005 at this link

it is an outrage that the Daily News gets away with this this is a new dailyoutrage web site


the text of the flyer: Court TV , by not covering my story, is telling its viewers that they don't care that someone was kidnapped and denied medication ( that dramatically reduces his obsessive compulsive desire for voyeurism in women's restrooms ) and forcefully tried to give him opposite medication. Is it a joke to Court TV that my sick or evil father paid off Bridgeport Hospital to kidnap and drug me with medication that would make me go into a women's restroom and frighten some women? Dr. Sun King Wan, Dr. Holtman of Manchester Memorial Hospital , and Bridgeport Hospital have terrorized me and made me afraid to go to a doctor or hospital - and that's OK with Court TV ??These CRIMINALS have made me afraid to get the medication that keeps me from going into women's restrooms. Court TV! I'm sure your female viewers will be overjoyed! Tell Court TV that you want Lance C.Wilcox's crimes exposed![ Feb. 20, 2000 ] Corrupt Stamford Connecticut cops stole my car off of private property and destroyed my job ( by frightening my boss) - thus making me homeless on the subway. [ Sept. 17, 2000 ] Officer A. Gonzalez #10995 and a ( Sargent )? the ringleaders who stole my car on Feb. 20, took it again, and until The Press covers this, I'm afraid to get my car back. ( The other officers on Feb. 20, may not have known they were being used in a crime. )The only motivation Bridgeport Hospital or these corrupt Stamford cops could have had to commit these crimes was my father Lance C. Wilcox's money. Because I want to give good law enforcement people some really good motivation, 10% of everything lawyers get me from these criminals will be donated to the police and firefighters widows and children fund. Also, 10% will be given to homeless and abused people which is on top of the 33 and 1/3 lawyers will take for themselves.Court TV is comprised of some of this country's smartest lawyers. They know that there is a mountain of evidence against my father. They know that the only thing preventing my father's and his cohorts' arrests is his money and the press not showing it. I'm sure Court TV won't want to have to explain to the families of the real heroes why they are unwilling to lift a finger to help take money away from a criminal and give it to these very deserving people.[ Nov. 13 2000 ] I met with two representatives of Court TV . They suggested that I go to Fox TV. Well frankly, Court TV , I think you should deal with this issue instead of passing the buck and I am sure your audience would agree.When a thousand doctors are looking at my case, the only diagnosis they will have is ADHD compounded by post traumatic stress caused by my father's criminal actions. I was literally the but end of a joke to my high school and college trumpet teachers, but during the 4 and 1/2 years I was on Dexedrine ( which, by the way, the DEA can confirm I don't abuse; 30 - 40mg a day (within PDR guidelines) ) I learned to play several hundred songs along with the radio 95% through the first try.If this was a delusion, as my father and his criminal doctors would have you believe, it would be easy to prove. I have hardly touched my trumpet since Dr. Wan committed malpractice last January when he cut me off. If it wasn't for my father's criminal action I have little doubt I'd be playing professionally today. Court TV is giving away free key chains when you send them a copy of a letter telling your local cable company General Manager what makes Court TV your favorite cable network. May I suggest that when you write that letter you make it known that you want the Kirk A.Wilcox story covered. Court TV 600 Third Ave., NY, NY 10016(212) 973-2800 www.courttv .com